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April 2007- NewsLetter

Dear Friends of Kenya,

There has been so much happening in Kenya since our return last month from Kisumu...

Construction Progress

The four-classroom block (Nursery through grade 2) Joining Hearts and Hands began building in February at Mbaka Oromo is totally finished with the exception of paint. The classrooms will be painted in four months when the concrete has seasoned.

Inset building replaced with 4 classroom primary block

Construction of the two-classroom block at Iranda Primary School is well underway with the expectation of the roof being added in the next few days. Also, we are finishing a three-classroom block that had never been finished prior to our first visit to Iranda.

Reconstruction of Iranda 3 classroom block

If you recall the beautiful latrines we built at Mbaka Oromo, you’ll be pleased to know that construction is well underway at Lufumbo Primary School for the same high quality bathrooms. We are also getting estimates for a roof water harvesting system at Lufumbo. Currently, there is no running water on site.

One of two latrine blocks under construction at Lufumbo

Thanks to your generosity and compassion, Joining Hearts and Hands is now sending 37 kids to secondary school. The number keeps growing! On our recent visit, Joanne and I visited all 37 students at 19 different high schools. We provided them with school and dorm supplies and encouraged them to do well in their studies and write to their sponsors. Our kids are doing really well academically. Most Joining Hearts and Hands scholarship recipients are in the top 25% of their class with many in the top 10!!


The Health Camp we held at Mbaka Oromo in February and March was so desperately needed. Dr. Akoto, who led a team of 8 African doctors and 10 nurses from Kakamega, Kenya provided the following statistics about treatment at our clinic:
Vaccinations A total of 559 children received the vaccine from pre-primary to class eight.
Physical examination The following conditions were found:
  • Respiratory Tract Infections --- 147
  • Malaria --- 122
  • Skin diseases --- 75
  • Intestinal worms ---40
  • Eye diseases --- 28
  • Diseases of the ear --- 20
  • Dental Problems --- 16
  • Trauma --- 9
  • Peptic Ulcers --- 9
  • Other conditions --- 22


Joanne’s IGLA (Income Generating Learning Activities) are making progress. Mbaka Oromo is planning a tailoring business on the school site. They will be making school uniforms. Profits will go to the orphan feeding program. At Iranda, the IGLA committee is planning on a horticulture project growing onions and tomatoes. Profits go to Iranda school projects. In the Butere area, the dairy goat project is moving along very well. I will do a separate report on this wonderful project that involves many community groups in the area.
These projects are vital as they are engines for self-sustainability. Joining Hearts and Hands provides start up costs. When they are on their feet, these micro-businesses become self-sufficient, providing employment and profits to help the poor.

Home Front

On the home front, there is no less activity. Many groups and organizations are mobilizing efforts to support the work of Joining Hearts and Hands. Our thanks go to all of our individual donors as well as the many, many church and civic organizations that have come to the rescue of the poor orphans we assist. Our most sincere thanks to all!

Solar Cookers

Solar Cookers are being demonstrated all over the Lake Victoria area thanks to the work of a Kenyan college student, Anita. Anita is cooking all kinds of African dishes for women’s groups in the area. The end result is that solar cookers are replacing the use of charcoal and firewood. Good for Kenyan’s health and the environment.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events benefiting Joining Hearts and Hands:

April 27 ~
Brooks Hill Faculty Basketball Game, Fairport High School 7:00 P.M. Tickets available at door

May 4 and May 5 ~
Sing-Out Singing and Dancing Entertainment For All 8:00 P.M. East Rochester High School Auditorium, 200 Woodbine Ave. Tickets available at the door

May 12 ~
Walk for Africa Starts at 10:30 a.m. at Perinton Park. Walk 10:30 A.M. the canal to Minerva DeLand for Kenyan Orphans

For more information on these events or if you wish to plan your own event for Joining Hearts and Hands please call 377-8298.

Thanks again for your continued support. Your compassion is saving the precious lives of beautiful children.

~Mungu Awabariki, (May God Bless You)
~Bill and Joanne Cala
Joining Hearts and Hands, Ltd.
9 Fieldston Grove
Fairport, NY 14450 USA

* All Contributions are Tax-Deductible as Joining Hearts and Hands is a 501(c)(3)

Make all checks payable to:

Joining Hearts and Hands, Ltd.
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