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January 2007 Newsletter

Our Dear Friends of Kenya:

If you only read one article in the Democrat and Chronicle today, make it CHARITY’S COST: As donors give, it’s often telemarketers that receive the most.
As most of you know, Joining Hearts and Hands has no fundraising overhead…NONE! We have no paid staff and all costs for travel and lodging, both local and in Africa, do not come from your contributions but rather come from our personal funds. Over 95% of money donated to Joining Hearts and Hands goes directly to projects helping Kenyans. No telemarketer will ever call on behalf of Joining Hearts and Hands nor will professional fundraisers be utilized that consequently eat up money that should go directly to those in need.
Our donors often tell us that the reason they have switched charities to Joining Hearts and Hands is because they just don’t know where their money has been going over the years with other “name brand” charities. Today’s article in the Democrat and Chronicle helps answer that question. It’s very discouraging to know that on the average, telemarketers take more than 60% of donations!! The examples in Rochester are breathtaking. Can you imagine an organization raising $3 million and only getting $500,000? That’s a paltry 16.7% of people’s hard earned money. This and many other such cases are happening right here in Rochester.
Joanne and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the confidence that you have shown through your generosity. Rest assured that the children of Africa will ALWAYS be our number one focus. Your hard earned money will NEVER be squandered by the use of professional fundraisers who eat up the majority of donations.
Last week, through your generosity, the school boards at Iranda, Lufumbo and Mbaka Oromo received checks from Joining Hearts and Hands to begin construction on classrooms and latrines. The photos below were taken last Tuesday and Thursday. You are making this happen!
With sincere thanks on behalf of the desperately poor children you support may God bless you,

Bill and Joanne Cala


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